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"Todays Leaders Training the Leaders of Tomorrow""



          MICHAEL SHOBACK #45316


Welcome Indiana JCI Senators to the 2017-2018 year!  

My name is Michael J. Shoback, President of the Indiana JCI Senate: AGAIN.  Yes again, meaning this will be my 3rd term as President.  We sat at the election meeting with members of the National Organization present along with Presidents and representatives of other states in our Region, and when the nominations for President were opened, not one person accepted the challenge.  After speeches from Jerry Luttman #46155 and David Murrell #27109, we still had no one come forward.  Despite being severely handicapped from a botched surgery, I felt it to be my duty to keep this organization running so when I was nominated, I accepted the position.

My Motto for this year is: TODAYS LEADERS TRAINING THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW.  The reason that I chose this motto is due to the fact that we have had the same people leading this organization for close to ten years now.  After my first term as President, we had accomplished my goal of bringing in some new Senators.  We saw an insurgence of new officers like Linda Andrews #71434 and Tracie Pouch #72126, and we brought back some new members like Sherry Jones #63163 and David Hussung #41391.  We seemed to be on a role and then things came to a halt again because many of our new members were not properly activated and the responsibility of running our organization fell back on the same 8-10 people tht have kept it active for the previous years.  It is time to bring in some new Senators tht will become active in our State and National Organization.  Each of you became Senators because of the amount of your activity in your Community, and in the Jaycee Organization.  I realize that we are now older but somewhere inside of you is a person that cares about this organization.  Please look around you and bring someone from your old chapter or region to an upcoming meeting.  Look around for people that deserve to be Senators, but never received one for some reason or another and let's look at a way to correct that situation.  As the current leaders of this organization, we really need to grant Senatorships to those that deserved them so that we can activate and train the leaders of tomorrow.  It won't be long until the 8-10 people who have held this Organization together, will need a break and after the last election, it is very obvious that we are not ready to replace these people.  Let's all make a commitment to bring in the Leaders of Tomorrow.

Senators, I need your help to bring in some new Senators to run this organization in the future.  Please make that commitment now, and let's work together to accomplish this goal.

glass awards 

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